Paths of Glory

Stanley Kubrick


An eminently watchable black-and-white, this flick watches like something made last year. I suppose that’s what they mean when they call something “timeless.” All you really need to know is Kubrick, Douglas, WWI. I liked it a lot because it’s the first youngish Kirk Douglas movie I’d ever seen, and I thought he was impressive with his screen presence alone. The story is wonderful and the satire/outrage is superb. If you are a person who swears they don’t like older films, Kubrick (this, “Strangelove,”) is definitely a good place to start. I think the film also does a good job of presenting the villains in a reasonable light. I don’t mean to say you really sympathize with the two generals who are putting these innocent soldiers through hell, but you definitely understand how they could come to feel pressured to behave that way. The opening scene itself is masterful in how it portrays one general “persuading” the other. The acting is superb, not only Douglas but also the three accused, and the villains as well. They make the entire story equally infuriating and heart-rending.

17 March 2010

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