A Serious Man
Dawn of the Dead (original) – Anti-capitalist commentary with asinine plot
Gangs of New York – Scorsese tries to squeeze three movies into one.
Inglourious Basterds
Inland Empire – Can somebody please tell me what Lynch is doing here?
Italian for Beginners – I understand it’s a Dogme 95 film, but can’t something happen, please?
No Country for Old Men
Searchers, The
Sin Nombre – Cheapens immigrants’ stories with gangland melodrama.
Three Colors: White – Entirely overrated and by far the worst of the trilogy whose best is “Red”
Tron – Computer programs with feelings? Hands down the nerdiest movie ever.
Village, The – Memo to M.Night: Get a new formula.
X-Men: First Class

Want to find out more about a movie I’ve mentioned here? Go ahead and wikit.


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