Burn After Reading – Quirky but especially heartless, even by Coen standards.
District 9
Duck Soup – Thought I should watch after seeing it on Yahoo’s List of 100 Movies to See Before You Die. All I can say is that watching the Marx brothers after any Chaplin film must be a lot like going to see a taping of the Barney show after a Frank Zappa concert.
Karate Kid, The (2010) – An utterly ridiculous vanity project by the Will Smith Family, this completely unnecessary remake exponentially outcheeses the already-cheesy (and classic) original. The shaky cam and incomprehensible fight scenes sure add a lot too./sarcasm
Lady in the Water – Breathtakingly awful, egomaniacal fairy tale from the self-proclaimed genius director of “Sixth Sense.”
Southland Tales – Incomprehensible, but points for sheer audacity.
Step Brothers – Would have been a great SNL skit, but is pretty terrible at feature length. Becoming convinced that Will Ferrell should have stuck with sketch comedy.
Whatever Works – Larry David plays Woody Allen = nihilistic neurosis squared.
Wild Bunch, The

Want to find out more about a movie I’ve mentioned here? Go ahead and wikit.


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