Movies by Ratings

As I’ve already stated, I’ve seen lots of movies. So many that I should probably be ashamed of myself, but I’m not. I freely admit I’m addicted, but I think there are worse addictions I could have.

Anyway, I could write reviews for all of them, but the vast majority would be shitty one or two line reviews, since I can no longer remember the details nor particularly care to organize my thoughts about them. This would be a disservice to both myself and my readers, as it would dilute the overall quality of the reviews on this site. So instead, I am going to limit my full reviews to movies I have seen recently (say, in the last several months), or those of which I have formed such a strong impression that I can still write a decent review even years after the fact.

For the rest of the movies, I have created these lists separated by rating, where I can list the movies in alphabetical order under the subpage of their particular rating. If you see a movie on these lists that you would like me to write a full review of, or further explain my ranking, just let me know.

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