In Praise of Idleness

by Bertrand Russell (1932)


Read. This. Essay. Seriously, read it! I only read the titular essay but it is amazing. I would even say it’s a must-read for pretty much everyone. It’s one of those that pretty much every paragraph you’re thinking to yourself: “Yes! That’s absolutely right!”

Too many good quotes and arguments to cite here. Really just read it, it takes about half an hour and you can find a PDF online just by typing “In praise of idleness pdf.”

I don’t see how you can really argue any of Russell’s points either, besides of course to acknowledge that his 4-hour workday is a pipe-dream because moneyed interests would never allow it to happen (i.e., because Greed). But I’m not sure how you can say it would be a bad thing. Even the virulent 1-star review on the 1st page doesn’t rebut any of the arguments, he just mocks Russell for being a silly socialist. Yeah great argument, not.

Seriously, read it.


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