I was going to call this website “good movie reviews,” just because my reviews are good. But that name was taken, so I figured that “not bad” movie reviews was the next best thing. As you can see from the layout, I am lazy. I don’t care about how nice something looks, as long as it’s useful.

Next, I think I could make good films. At the very least, given a little experience working with actors and a good script, I think I could direct a good picture. Given a bad script, I think I could fix it into a good script for myself or someone else to direct. Could I write and direct my own film? I don’t know, I’ve never tried, but I bet if I decided to dedicate a year or two to the task, I probably could. So why don’t you try if you think you’re so great? you might be thinking. First, I have other things to do that are as important as movies. Second, there are a lot of people at least as talented as me that are currently dedicating that much time and more without results. Why aren’t they getting results? Because people like us don’t appeal to mainstream audiences, and that’s all that concerns Hollywood. End of aside.

I do not intend to waste your time with reviews that are in agreement with all of the other reviews out there. I am specializing in a) reviews of old, under-appreciated or non-mainstream films that are awesome and that you otherwise might not see (and that would benefit mankind by being more widely viewed), and b) reviews that contradict the prevailing popular opinion (See “A Serious Man,” “Inglourious Basterds,” “No Country for Old Men,” “Once Upon a Time in America,” or “The Hurt Locker“). Otherwise, I will review mainstream films as I see them (and my opinion might very well coincide with the masses), but I will not go out of my way to do so. That would be a waste of all of our time.

These are not comprehensive reviews, they are just the thoughts that arose as I watched a movie and thought about it afterward. Sometimes I thought more than others. Just let me know if I’ve made any egregious spelling or grammar mistakes. Also, If you have any suggestions of movies you’d like to see me review (and if I’ve seen them recently enough), just send me a note and I’ll make your wish come true. Like Santa, or Penthouse Letters.

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