Things to Know. . .

  • Real-life corporate executives are actually starting to corroborate what every rational person has understood for years about the Kansas government’s (and Tea Party conservatism’s) thinly-veiled efforts of wholesale privatization.  So maybe there’s something to it?  (And how’s that working out for Kansas?)
  • If ExxonMobil gets its way, corporate fraud will be enshrined as freedom of speech!
  • So it turns out that Democrats probably aren’t learning much from their temporary Bernie scare.  I hate to say I told you so, but yeah. . .
  • And keeping up with Brazil, what many rational observers strongly suspected the entire time finally comes out: the “anti-corruption protests” that led to President Rousseff’s ouster-coup were fomented — and funded — by the corrupt, right-wing opposition.  If you’re not calling it a “coup” yet, you’re ignoring reality.

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