A Friendly, Open Letter to Film Marketing Folks (In Helpful List Form!)

Dear Madams and Sirs –

Please. . .

  1. Stop putting spoilers in your trailers.
  2. Stop telling us the entire story of the movie in the trailer.
  3. Stop releasing three or four trailers when two (at most) will do.
  4. Review the recent “Star Wars” marketing campaign and take detailed notes.
  5. Re-watch the 2nd “Batman v. Superman” trailer and the 2nd “Terminator: Genisys” trailer and brand them onto your sizzling brain in whatever cortex governs what not to do.  (Also refer back to Item #4, which absolutely applies to well-known franchises like these).
  6.  Review the “Deadpool” marketing campaign and try to get creative.
  7. Aim for 90 seconds of trailer.
  8. Don’t cut two different versions of your trailer and release them at the same time in different markets when one of them is significantly better than the other.
  9. If marketing for Marvel/Disney, please have items #1-3 tattooed somewhere on your body (at a location of your choosing).


Somebody helping out of the kindness of his heart but who will also gladly accept payment for said help.


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